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As I write there are only 66 days to Christmas but outdoor bowlers will know there are only 168 days to the start of the new outdoor bowling season! Yes, the 2013 season has ended and I’m already having withdrawal symptoms and counting the days until the next one!

So, it’s time to round up the record of this year’s winners not previously mentioned. For the Ladies Section, congratulations go to
•             Essie Stoddart for winning the Rena Mason Trophy
•             Catherine Jordan for winning the 2 bowl Singles
•             Anne Blake and Sandra Duguid for winning the 4 bowl Pairs and
•             Margaret Turner, Heather Jarvis and Helen Girdler for winning the Triples.
For the Men, congratulations go to
•             Robert Douglas, Allan Nicholls and Fergie McBeath for winning the Triples for the third successive year
•             Tom Murray & Mike Spooner for winning the Computer Drawn Pairs
•              Kenny Girdler for winning the Handicap Competition.

I should also redress an earlier omission by congratulating Anne Blake, Tom Murray, Stevie Watson and their friend ‘Woody’ for winning our Invitation Rink competition that Stevie and his helpers so expertly organize and which our sponsors Mark Porteous and Belhaven Breweries superbly support. And a cyber attack (or Editor’s pen) deleted recognition for Tom Murray and Brian Ronald winning the Club 4 Bowl Pairs in last month’s edition.

Now, we focus on our social activities that include carpet bowling (Mondays), our pool competition (Tuesdays), bingo (Wednesday afternoons and Thursdays), social dancing (Wednesdays) and our month end cabaret shows that this month features a Kenny Rogers/Roy Orbison act followed next month by the spectacular ‘Time of our Lives’ show. Come and join us!

Last month I teased my regular reader(s?) by hinting that one of our members is a part time poet. That member is our Honorary Member and International Champion bowler John Summers. In 1992, at an international championship, a prize for charity was offered to competitors who best described how they handled ‘tricky rinks’. John chose to answer in rhyme



When bowling on a tricky rink
That makes us groan and think
And wonder how in heaven’s name
We’ll find a road to win the game


It surely is the Devil’s curse
That tries us hard yet makes us worse
Whate’er we do to make things better;
Some help I hope is in this letter.


To play with skill we seek so much
We utilize our sight and touch,
But these two senses get confused
Save one by one are orderly used.


Eyes lit full-beam on line intent
Dazzle the mind for touch, scent and sound,
Unless, perchance, a lady skip comes near
To whisper tactics in one’s ear.


But rinks with tricks are quite abusive
Frustrating those chasers of lines elusive.
Like rabbits, each caged in a separate hutch:
Besotted by sight; bereft of touch.


Now here’s my tip – don‘t leave it late,
Use logical sequence to concentrate:
Step out from the mat on the road aligned,
Then laden your mind so it’s weight-inclined


Serve sight a slim-line breakfast snack,
Deft touch, well lunched, will find the jack,
And you’ll feast forever on the best bowl’s diet.
(Well - now that I’ve told you, I’d better try it!)


Past President


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